Anxiety Tapping Technique

Are you ready for real change?

Are you repeating the same patterns over and over and feel stuck?

What if your dreams really could come true?

Feel Better Now

With Linda Dolan

I’m so glad you’re here  

I’d love to help you get to where you want to be.  I'm honored to help people just like you create fulfilling and joyful lives.

I offer you a choice of two powerful paths towards transformation and lasting change:

EFT - commonly known as tapping.  Let's work together to safely and gently release and clear any emotional pain, memories, or beliefs that are standing in your way.

Akashic Record Reading.  Let's gently clear karmic patterns, blocks, and restrictions so that you can fully express your Devine Soul gifts and Soul Purpose in this lifetime.

I offer you a safe place to explore and resolve your issues.  My intention is to inspire and support you on your path to peace and clarity.  Lasting change is not only possible, but can be creative, fun, and joyful.  

Not sure what approach is best?  The best place to start is to book a free 20-minute discovery session.  This is not a high pressure sales call.  It's simply an opportunity to discuss your goals, get questions answered, and experience what working with me would be like.  It will help clarify your next steps and the best path forward at this moment in time.  Click below to get started.

Anxiety Tapping Technique