Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get support and guidance in knowing and manifesting your life’s purpose?

Are you curious to know more about the essence of who you are as a soul in this life?

Are you a spiritual seeker wanting to live more fully as a spiritual being in this human experience?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you are in the right place!  Soul Realignment© may be the perfect choice for you. 

What is Soul Realignment©?

Soul Realignment© is a spiritual modality that uses the wisdom of the Akashic Records to help you align fully with your Soul purpose. It’s all about embracing and aligning to your souls’ divine gifts in very real, grounded, and practical ways. 
You’ll get to really know your Soul and discover your higher path and purpose for this lifetime.  You’ll finally know how to manifest the fulfilling and abundant life you’ve been longing for.

How is it different from other Akashic Record Readings?

The Akashic Records is an energetic database containing an imprint of every thought, feeling, action, and experience for your soul.
In a Soul Realignment© Reading you receive guidance and insight about your Soul’s own highest path and purpose.  Only practical, highly useful information that actually has transformational value is collected and shared in a very precise, focused, and actionable way.

How it works

First, I will spend several hours in your Akashic Records retrieving all relevant information about your Soul level gifts and blocks and restrictions.  I will package it into a fun format that will help you best understand this vast amount of information. 

Next, we’ll meet for a 75-minute zoom session to help you:

  • Understand who you are at Soul Level, including your divine gifts, talents, and soul group

  • Identify negative blocks and restrictions that may be holding you back from using these gifts to create a fulfilling, joyful, and abundant life

  • Clear the negative blocks and restrictions from past life karmic experiences and present life choices so you can realign your Soul with your true divine gifts and nature

  • Begin a 21day short yet powerful homework process


Anxiety Tapping Technique

Ready to get started?
Use the contact me button to request a reading.  I’ll ask you to send me some simple information to allow me to locate your Soul in the Akashic Records.  If your Soul is willing to accept assistance in its evolution, I will be able to prepare your Soul Realignment©.
I’ll spend several hours in your Akashic Records collecting valuable Soul based information and package it in a fun and meaningful format to share with you.
I believe it’s nice to have choices, so I offer two reading options. Choose which
best suits you and make your payment. 
Typically, your reading will be scheduled within seven days, based on your availability.  

The Premiere Soul Realignment© Coaching Package is $450 and includes:

  • A 75-minute zoom session, recorded and sent to you 

  • A personalized 21-day clearing statement

  • A six-week “Finding Your Way Home” guide to help you fully integrate the information

  • Email access to me for any questions that you have as they come up. I am here for you!

  • A property or vehicle clearing

  • A 60-minute life lesson reading on zoom

A Basic Soul Realignment Session© is $280 and includes:

  • a 75-minute zoom session, recorded and sent to you

  • a personalized 21-day clearing statement


Soul Support

Once you’ve completed your Soul Realignment© you are eligible for Soul Support Sessions, which cost $100 and are designed to support you on your spiritual journey.  

Relationship Readings

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to truly know your children and partner at a Soul level? Fully understanding and embracing their divine gifts, talents, and soul group makes conscious spiritual relationships possible.  This knowledge alone can help you guide and raise your children in a way that honors who they truly are beautiful divine beings. You can also do this type of reading for close relationships, such as a parent, close friend, business partner, adult child, or sibling, with permission. This is a great way to gain insight into your most precious relationships.

Tune Up

A detailed check in process is available three months after your original session. I will work in your Records to see what’s been fully cleared and what needs attention. Clearing work is a bit like peeling an onion.  Once the first layer is cleared more may be revealed. The timing is always based on what you are ready to know and clear.

Property Clearing

Why do a property clearing:

  • Your space just doesn’t feel right

  • You just moved in and want to clear the energy of previous residents

  • You are having difficulty selling your property

Working in the Akashic Records, I will clear your property of any blocks, restrictions, and negative energy and realign it to a neutral space.  We’ll then meet on Zoom for 20 minutes to discuss what circumstances were present and the clearings performed. The cost is $50.  Contact me before purchasing.


" I’ve personally experienced the transformative power of Soul Realignment© and would love to share this with you.  Aligning to my Soul gifts was a powerful and life-changing process.  It was like a catalyst ushering in flow and change.  I’d be honored to accompany you on this spiritual journey. "


meet linda photo.jpg

“I loved my Reading with Linda!  Although I am an Akashic Record Reader, this Soul Realignment© Reading was head and shoulders above what I’m used to and I could feel the changes immediately.  The very same day that I had the Reading, two area of my life shifted in very positive ways.  I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of a Soul Realignment© Reading with Linda!”

Ruthi Cohen-Joyner,