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I began a spiritual search when I retired at age 66 because I longed to know who I was at Soul level.  I wanted to fulfill whatever purpose I had but didn’t have a clue what it could be.  I found the answer to that and so much more in the Akashic Records.  My life changed in almost every way.  Understanding myself at Soul level was a massive relief.  Suddenly things made sense, especially my struggles.  Embracing my Soul gifts empowered me to create and manifest my goals, and flow became possible. Life simply became easier.

I became an Akashic Records Practitioner because I wanted to share this lovely process with you.

The Akashic Records is a vast energetic database that holds information about every person, place or thing that has ever existed.  It contains an imprint of every thought, feeling, and action your Soul has experienced in every lifetime. 

An Akashic Record Reading provides you with guidance and insight about your Soul’s own highest path and purpose.  The information collected is designed to help you know yourself at Soul level and is filled with information to help you get there.  You’ll understand yourself in a new way, and  current patterns and challenges will begin to make sense.


There are many ways to receive this information, and I love giving people choices!  The price of this reading is $150, and delivered to you via email.

An email Akashic Records Reading is a great choice if you are on a journey of self-discovery and would like to learn more about:

  • your life purposes

  • your personality traits and where they came from

  • the lessons you came here to learn

  • ways you can honor and align with your Soul gifts

The reading is a beautifully formatted PDF document filled with approximately 17-21 full length pages of personalized information.  Everything shared is specific to your Soul.

You'll learn about your...

Energy Center of Training
What this is, how it shapes your characteristics, skills and personality and what this all means for you

Soul Group of Origin
You’ll find out where your first incarnation was and how this affects your personality.

Soul Trainings In Between Lifetimes

What they are and how they shaped your personality and interests

Primary and Secondary Life Lessons
Lessons tell you a lot about what you came here to experience in this lifetime

Souls Gifts
Aligning to these gifts is powerful – flow, joy, and abundance become possible!

Past Life Information
Learn about the periods in history and any Spiritual/Religious pathways that have played a large part in your past incarnations

Empath Gifts
Learn about your strongest intuitive gifts

How to request a reading:

  • Use the contact Linda button to send me the following information:

         E-mail address where you would like your report sent

         Full name at birth
         Full name now
         Date of birth
         Place of birth
         A recent photo of you


  • Use the pay button to make your purchase, which costs $150.

  • Your Reading will be sent within 7 days. 

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Thank you for purchasing your Akashic Record Email Reading!


“This reading was so much more than I had hoped for.  The format and wording was stunning.  Linda nailed it – it felt like she looked into my soul.  What she shared was really meaningful and helpful.  Now that I know these things I will take some steps to align with my gifts.  I’m really happy I got it, and knowing these things has already has made a big difference.  I’m going to gift a reading to my sister!” 

Jennifer B., St. Charles Illinois