Emotional Freedom Tapping

What is an Emotional Freedom Tapping?

Emotional freedom tapping is also known as the emotional freedom technique (EFT) and it is a process where I tap my fingers on meridian points on your body while talking about traumatic events. Anxiety tapping technique is founded on the key principles of acupressure combined with psychology. It is a blend of modern thought and ancient tradition. It is a holistic process that is healing and can resolve many concerns you may have. A meridian point is a point that is mapped out on your body that provides a place where I can access the energy within your body. Energy moves throughout your body along these channels. I can tap into this energy at any place along the channel.

All emotions are felt throughout your body, including the negative ones. The negative feelings disrupt the energy in your body. Emotional freedom tapping allows me to restore the balance within your body and help resolve the negative feelings that are disrupting your energy. The anxiety tapping technique helps you to focus on the negative feelings while I use my fingertips and tap 5 to 7 times on specific meridian points throughout your body. While you consistently focus on fear, anxiety, stress, or memories, I tap these points along your body to access your energy, which helps to calm you while you work through the emotion to help restore balance within the body.