Emotional Freedom Therapy

What is Emotional Freedom Therapy?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which can also be shortened to just tapping, is a holistic way to heal the body and the mind. It can help to reduce and eliminate stress, addiction, pain, anxiety, weight, emotional distress and much more. Emotional Freedom Therapy combined the core principles of modern psychology and the ancient art of acupressure. The concept is a simple one, as it is the tapping of fingers on specific points on the body. The result of the tapping is that the nervous system is calmed and the brain begins to respond to your feelings in ways that are healthier. The energy in your body is also restored and balanced.

Emotional Freedom Therapy uses the connection between your mind and body and acknowledges that many things, including pain and illness, impact our wellbeing. There is energy moving throughout your body. Energy travels along pathways, which are called meridians. I can tap on each of these meridians to stimulate the pathways while you are focused on a specific stressor and it helps to unlock the energy so it can flow properly. The Emotional Freedom Technique is similar in some ways to acupuncture because they both stimulate healing by accessing the energy flow through the meridians. There are no needles used in the Emotional Freedom Therapy technique. I use tapping instead.

During this technique, you must focus on all your negative feelings and emotions to engage the limbic system in the brain, along with the energy in your body to help create a feeling of safety and work towards a resolution of those feelings. There has been a wealth of evidence that proves there is a deep connection between emotional health and physical and mental health. You have to address all of them to ensure that you are as healthy as you can be.