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What’s Getting In Your Way?

Emotional Freedom Techniques Can Help You

Are you ready to manage and move past these things?  What if you could dramatically improve or resolve a troubling memory, feeling, or habit you’ve had for decades in an hour?  Sound impossible?  I wouldn’t have believed it either, until I tried Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as EFT and Tapping.  

Gary Craig, the founder of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), wisely encouraged people to try it on everything, including all the issues on that wall and much more.  

Maybe some things have happened in your life that set you on a downward spiral.  It might feel like you’ve lost yourself along the way.  Have you used food, shopping, alcohol, or something else to try to numb the pain and just feel better?  These things may have worked for a while, until they didn’t, and left you feeling bad about yourself.

Anxiety Tapping Technique

“Instant gratification takes too long.”

 - Carrie Fisher

When you are ready for change you want it right now.  It doesn’t have to take weeks, months, or years.    Maybe you’ve tried talk therapy or other expensive treatments but didn’t get the relief you need.  I’m glad you kept searching.  EFT is a scientifically proven technique that works quickly and effectively.  I also love that:
It often works when nothing else does.
It’s easy to learn, whether you are 9 or 99.
It’s like a trusted friend.  Always there to help, anytime, anyplace.
It’s gentle, drug free and all natural.  No equipment needed.

Working Together

Are you ready to experience the power of EFT with me?  The first step is to book a free 20-minute discovery session.  This is not a high-pressure sales call.   It’s simply an opportunity to discuss your goals, get questions answered, and experience what a session with me would be like.  It will help you know whether or not this is the right path for you.  Please click here to request a discovery call. 

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How long will this take?

You may be wondering how many sessions you will need.  The answer is it depends on you.  There is no one size fits all.  My goal is to help you release the burdens holding you back, and to coach you to effectively use EFT on your own.  

You may know exactly what you would like help with, such as getting comfortable making a presentation or preparing for a job interview.   Typically, that would be a one or two session issue.  
If you’re not sure about your goal that’s ok too!  This process is truly all about you, reflecting where you are today and where you are hoping to go.  I’ll be your coach and teach you supportive, safe, sustainable tools that you will actually enjoy using.  The process is all about taking your physical and emotional well-being into your own hands.
Unlike talk therapy it is not a long-term process.  EFT can quickly and gently help you remove blocks and make the shifts you need to move forward.  I would love to accompany you on this journey.  

How much does this cost?

Individual sessions cost $100.  The first session is 90 minutes, others are 75 minutes.  Multiple session packages are available at reduced rates.  We’ll work together to figure out the right pace and the number of sessions that work best for you.  
Remote Sessions
All sessions are currently held in the comfort of your own home via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime.  All you need is a private quiet space where you won’t have any interruptions, a tall glass of water, a comfortable chair, and an open mind.

Anxiety Tapping Technique

Welcome to Tap To Feel Better Now

"I'm so grateful for Linda and the gift of tapping.  I'm a Clinical Psychologist and would consider myself a "psychologically  healthy" individual.  However, she has helped me work through struggles as they arise with her amazing energy and EFT tapping techniques.  Every time I talk to her I feel so much clarity, peace, and ease from our work together.  Linda is a beautiful light in the world and I feel so blessed to have had these experiences with her.  I highly recommend  working with her to clear anything from trauma, negative self-talk, anxiety, fears, and anything else keeping you stuck."    Melissa Mahon, Psy.D.